How to Apply Metallic Paint


How to Apply Metallic Paint To Walls


Perfetto Metallic Paint can be used interior or exterior. The unique self Cross-linking characteristics of our polymer enable it to perform exceptionally well on virtually any surface. Perfetto's water-based acrylic polymers are designed for use in exterior environments and are ideal for tuff surfaces such as concrete, stucco, and metal.

Metallic paint can be sprayed, brushed and, rolled as well. The most uniform coverage will come from spraying. Mica powder is used as the primary colorant in Perfetto Metallic Paint. Therefore most colors are somewhat transparent and multiple coats or a tinted base coat are recommended for total coverage. when using one coat of metallic paint on a surface, the base coat color will have an impact on the color visible. This can be used to build beautiful faux finishes and creat depth.  

Rolling Metallic Paint 

For flat surfaces, we recommend using a 1/4" - 3/8" nap roller (textured surfaces may need a 1/2" nap). Start by rolling the paint on the wall and then come back while it is still wet and in one-direction, lightly roll up with nothing more than the weight of the roller resting on the wall. In other words, do not push down on the roller, just let it lightly rest on the wall as you one-directional roll up. This technique if properly done will eliminate potential "lap lines" which are characteristic of all metallic paints.

Lap lines can form when the edge of the roller cover leaves track marks. This is caused by a sharp (not rounded or tapered) edge of the roller cover (the roller cover edge ends abruptly rather than tapering) and pushing down too hard on the roller as the applicator is rolling. It may be helpful to add approximately 10% to 15%Perfetto wetting agent to the Metallic Paint to slow the drying time and provide more working time to implement the one-directional rolling technique if the applicator has not had previous experience although we typically find this is not necessary. Metallic Paints typically do not "lap" any more than ordinary latex house paint, however, because they are so reflective and glossy, the lap lines are sometimes more visible. The "Polar Bear" roller by Wooster (widely available) is a good roller for eliminating "lap lines", but it does leave a little more pattern in the paint, which some people find more attractive, because, it adds a more modeled look of interest. The Polar Bear roller cover does not have sharp edges, that can produce potential problematic lap lines and therefore works well for Metallic paints.

Applying Metallic Glaze

Putting a metallic glaze over the metallic paint will cause the lap lines to not be visible if they exist. For a more metallic look, use a metallic glaze, and to soften the metallic look of the metallic paint, usePerfetto Wall Medium tinted withPerfetto Faux Colorants.Perfetto Metallic Paints do not require a special base coat, and, can go over most primers or latex paints. In terms of spraying the paint, just about any spray system will work. We have even had good luck spraying the paint through cheap $35 cup guns. Usually, an HVLP (high volume low pressure) is used with a tip such as a 13 or 15 (same tip as standard latex house paint).

We recommend an HVLP or even an airless pump for spraying. Airless pumps will typically spray Perfetto Metallic Paint without thinning, however, for an HVLP, you might want to thin 5% to 15% with water. When spraying paint, you are using air to atomize small particles. As a result, we recommend and NOSHA approval respirator when spraying any type of coating material, even the very friendly Perfetto Metallic Paint.

 We find top coating is not necessary. The paint has excellent exterior capabilities on its own. That is not to say you can not top coat. You can and if you do, we recommend a gloss exterior top coat. The gloss top coat helps to maintain the reflective metallic appearance.Perfetto Metallic Paints have been used successfully on the roofs of two major hotels in Austin, Tx as well as Colorado Springs with great success and in neither cases was the paint topcoated.

Typically, when applied to walls, they are used as a base coat for a glazing technique which tones down the metallic appearance and hides lap marks. This would be accomplished with Blue Pearl Wall Medium andPerfetto Colorants. For a super metallic look, apply a metallic glaze over a metallic paint. This may be accomplished by using the same paint and just adding a glaze or by using one of our tinted metallic Glazes to add more dimension. This is not to say that you can't use metallic paint on a wall alone, but for the best most uniform finish the recommendation is to spray.

If you don't have experience rolling metallic paint, roll on a sample board first to make sure you are happy with the results. Metallic Paints are also great as a base coat for faux finishing or glazing. They can be used for fine artwork as well. Perfetto metallic paints are extremely durable with a full exterior capability and have even been used on historical restoration projects.

Often times a great solution to a metallic look is a metallic glaze over a regular paint. This provides a broken or modeled appearance. If you glaze over a house paint, pick one such as an Egg Shell of Semi-Gloss which are harder and non-porous. Never glaze over a flat because the glaze will often time soak in and you won't be able to manipulate it.



How to Apply Metallic Paint - Concrete


Perfetto Metallic Paint is extremely durable and has the ability to expand and contract for masonry surfaces such as concrete and stucco. Simply prime the surface with a concrete primer and once dry, spray or rollPerfetto Metallic Paint onto the concrete or stucco.



How to Apply Metallic Paint - Furniture and Fixtures


Metallic Paints can be brushed, but brush lines may tend to be more visible than with a basic house paint. A great way to apply metallic paint to furniture, fixtures, hardware and accent pieces is to "pounce" or "stipple" it with a brush. We have found that an affordable "chip" brush works well. "Pouncing" or "stippling" is also a good technique for applying the metallic paint along the edges of moldings or corners of walls where a roller won't reach. Metallic Paint can also be applied with a widely available Sea Sponge.



How to Apply Metallic Paint - Metal Surfaces


1. The tips below largely apply to raw metal. Metal hardware such as knobs or pulls which already have a clear finish on them, need not be primed. In most cases, metallic paint can be applied directly over this surface. Raw Metal surfaces should be cleaned with steel wool and a good solvent such as lacquer Thinner or Denatured Alcohol. (wear gloves with these solvents.
2. Once clean, the metal should be primed with a good metal primer. Perfetto "Green Metal" direct to metal primer/paint is an excellent choice. It has lasted for over 400 hours in a Salt Fog chamber and is offered in 62 factory colors with custom colors available. Always protect your self with a respirator and good ventilation when handling these type of solvent based products.
3. Once the raw metal is primed, it is a good idea to lay down a good water-based primer. 
4. If you are going over a shiny metal that already has some sort of top coat or finish on it, it is recommended that you sand the metal with a 180 grit paper to "ruff it up" and create a better "tooth effect". Once this is done, wipe clean and prime metal with a good primer.
5. Now apply Perfetto Metallic Paint the way you would apply any paint. Brush, Sprayed or blot with a Sea Sponge (Metallics always look better sprayed)


Do You Create Custom Colors?

Perfetto does offer custom tinting and matching services. There is an initial one-time Custom fee. Once your color is created, we will keep the formula in our files so that you can reorder without incurring extra fees. There is a custom fee minimum of $75. Some finishes require extra time and more materials to achieve, which may result in additional fees. This fee will include one draw down/swatch sample to approve, if needed. Additional liquid samples will be at current pricing (i.e..4 oz, 32 oz, gallon). 


Weather Notice: Be aware that any delays with orders caused by weather are not covered for shipping reimbursement. When deciding to place your orders UPS Ground or Express, check the weather forecast from us to you. If questionable weather is in the forecast, we advise you to select UPS Ground. Also, be aware that since our products can freeze,  we may delay shipping until conditions clear, especially if an order is placed for shipping over the weekend. If this situation arises, you will be notified. We are not responsible for weather delays affecting UPS. We are located in Rosholt, SD zip: 57260.



Metallic Wax
Perfetto no longer makes a metallic wax. 

What is latex paint?

Latex paint is made with latex harvested from rubber trees. Its water resistant once cured. 

Cleaning up latex paint.

Latex paint is 100% water soluble until it dries.  Water and a brush conditioner or mild detergent may be used to ease cleaning and maintain brush life. But in most cases water is sufficient. 

What is acrylic paint?

Acrylic Paint is made with an acrylic polymer emulsion, combined with pigments, minerals or metallic mica. Most of the Properties of the Paint are determined by the polymer. 
Cleaning up acrylic paint.
Acrylic paint is 100% water soluble. Water and a brush conditioner or mild detergent may be used to ease cleaning and maintain brush life. But in most cases water is sufficient.

What is a polymer?

A polymer is simply a large number of identical molecules that are separated by the water in the paint. when the paint dries those particles adhere to one another forming a waterproof coating we collectively refer to as paint!

What is oil paint?

Oil Paint consists of a pigment in suspension in a slow drying oil. often lindseed oil is used. The slow drying times can be seen as a plus for decorative and artistic painters, leaving plenty of work time before curing. 

Cleaning up Oil Paint.

Acetone, turpentine, mineral spirits, or " paint thinner" must be used to clean oil paint. it is not water soluble. 



How do I return an item?

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However, we realize a return may need to be made for various reasons, so please note our Policy for returning product.




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