Paint Tints by Perfetto

Faux Colorants
  • Excellent for tinting glazes, plasters and textures
  • Semi-transparent for glazing over substrates when mixed with glaze
  • May be used alone, for stenciling, art, murals
  • Lowest concentration
  • Mild binder - should have topcoat
  • Formulated for interior use
Universal Colorants 
  • Stronger more concentrated than Faux Colorants
  • Excellent for tinting paints and textures
  • Concentrated pure pigment
  • No fillers or extenders
  • Squeezable bottles with flip top lids for ease of dispensing
  • exceptional light-fastness
  • specifically formulated for either exterior or interior use  

    Dispersion Colorant

    • Our most concentrated colorant
    • Use to tint metallic paints, basecoats and textures
    • Use to tint any acrylic paint
    • Excellent for dry brushing
    • No binder needs a topcoat
    Faux colorants
    • Least concentrated
    Universal Colorants 
    • Medium concentration
    Dispersion Colorants
    • Most concentrated