Silk Soft Paint

Silk Soft Metallic Textured Paint
  • Subdued metallic paint medium
  • Ideal for walls or architectural elements
  • Exterior capability
  • Very durable with excellent adhesion
  • Good production finish

Traditional metallic paints are very reflective and metallic looking. This is why often times they are used for ceilings, molding, or accent pieces. Typically when a metallic paint is used on walls, it has a glaze over the top to soften the extreme metallic look. A whole room of metallic paint Maybe too reflective to live with all the time. The Silk Soft gold paint, for example, is not as reflective and shiny, so would be better when using on larger areas.

We developed Silk Soft & Silk Soft Radiance to provide the discriminating homeowner with a subdued and softened alternative to metallic paint. Silk Soft offers a considerable metallic paint look, but it is toned down and has almost a silky soft textured grasscloth look and feel. 

Remember, often times photographed and computer modified colors, as well as your computer monitor, will distort the actual color on your screen. Therefore, we recommend that you order a Silk Swatch Brochure or an 8.oz sample to see the actual color prior to purchasing a large amount for an actual job.