Metallic Glaze


    • Available in over 80 colors
    • Soft, subtle and sophisticated broken pearlescent color
    • Excellent for hand painting and fine-art work. Not made for ceramics
    • Receptive to all water-based paints and tints such as Faux Colorants or Universal tinting colorants
    • Translucent in nature allowing the background color to reflect through the finish
    • color perceived is a combination of the background color reflecting through coupled with the color of the metallic glaze
    • Virtually limitless subtle or bold color with one Metallic Glaze by changing the background color
    • Roll the glaze on over a good latex paint such as a semi-gloss and pad or pounce with an ordinary piece of plastic to break the glaze up and allow to dry. We do not recommend using over a flat latex because "flats" are porous and may cause the glaze to soak in.
    • *Sample photos are glaze over a similar color paint base