Metallic Plaster magnolia

 Acrylic Metalic Plaster Is one of the most versatile decorative finishing mediums available. Perfetto Metallic Plaster provides the luster and sheen of our metallic paint, in a trowelable, rollable, and very forgiving texture of a plaster.  Perfetto metallic plaster is available in more colors than any competing brand, over 100 colors so far.  

With Metallic Plaster, any number of amazing finishes can be achieved. roll trowel sponge, cheesecloth, your creativity is the only limit. 

We developed Perfetto Metallic Plaster To build on the success of Shimmered Suade and Portofino lines. Perfetto Metalic plaster replaces both products. It is UV resistant, acrylic based plaster, colored with mica flakes and tintable.




  • Replaced with Perfetto Metalic plaster
Shimmered suede 
  • Replaced with Perfetto Metalic plaster