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Perfetto Cabinet and Furniture Metallic Paint

Perfetto Cabinet and Furniture Metallic Paint create the finest finishing products when finishing, refinishing or painting any piece of furniture, kitchen cabinet, vanity cabinet, mantel, column or any architectural detail.

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The Unusual History Of Blue

The History, and science behind, blue pigment is quite fascinating. Luckily we have many many more options for blue today. 

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Ancient pigments. Artists at work

Feeling Blue? Take a look at the age-old process of making indigo die! who knew this plant-based die is antibacterial, flame resistant and repels odor and dirt

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How To Apply Metallic Paint

  How to Apply Metallic Paint Perfetto Metallic Paint can be used interior or exterior. The unique self Cross-linking characteristics enable it to perform exceptionally well on virtually any surface. Perfetto Metallic...

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